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Roma, 6 Novembre 2008

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The creation of an open and pluralistic society presupposes the knowledge and evaluation of the cultural, historic, and religious roots of which each person is a bearer.

 The Association Philoxenia ONLUS was established on February 3, 2000, and has been enrolled in the “Register of associations, of entities that carry out activities on behalf of immigrants”, at the Ministry of Social Solidarity, and is enrolled at the Ministry for Equal Opportunities under the register of associations and entities that can operate in the name of, on behalf of, or in support of those persons who are victims of racial discrimination, by carrying out the necessary jurisdictional assistance in cases either of individual or collective discrimination.

The objective of the association is the promotion of civil rights, by carrying out activities in the sector of immigration, furnishing information and assistance to immigrants and Italians, and contributing to cultural exchange among peoples. With respect for and in consciousness of the rights and duties of immigrants, we have dealt with those emergency situations, in which all too often the immigrants find themselves, without however losing sight of the social, cultural, and recreational needs of these immigrants. We consider it important to work together, linking ourselves to the resources, as well as the issues, of the territory in which we intervene.

Thus, Philoxenia has carried out, in the Regional territory, projects in collaboration with the City Halls, Provinces, and Ministries of Castelli Romani, to respond to the needs of the new immigrant citizens, with the support of cultural mediators and various experts for specific professional assistance.

Over the course of the years we have:

set up Information Windows for immigrants at the city hall offices of the Province of Rome for activities of - Linguistic-cultural mediation and activities of awareness/information/technical assistance;

Linked to normalizing the immigrants’ residence in Italy: residency card/permit, reuniting the family with loved ones, citizenship, recognition of diplomas, access to social health services, school enrolment, formation, orientation for work, and human rights;

collaborated with scholastic institutes of the territory, by carrying out courses, laboratories, and intercultural events, linguistic assistance for students, and school enrolment for minors from 6-18 years o held meetings to update individuals on intercultural themes, and themes regarding immigration, with elementary, middle, and high school teachers, o held informational meetings with workers of social and health services

 Regarding immigration and “welcoming” themes: o organized numerous cultural events, parties, shows, debates and round tables o promoted networks of individuals working with immigration and immigrants o implemented projects in various jails of the Region of Lazio o organized and carried out structured courses of formation for:

- the promotion of autonomous work by immigrants

 - the formation of linguistic cultural mediators

- the work of caring and domestic help for Italians and immigrants

- Italian L2, and the teaching of computer technology o carried out research, studies, and data surveys on the social conditions, living conditions, work conditions, and on the integration of immigrants.

TAGS: Philoxenia - eng. version - The Association Philoxenia ONLUS was established on February 3, 2000, and has been enrolled in the “Register of associations, of entities that carry out activities on behalf of immigrants”, at the Ministry of Social Solidarity

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